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Comics by Yiri T. Kohl

Bijlmer Boys

Bijlmer Boys - covers
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Yiri acquired a small measure of fame with his underground comic "Bijlmer Boys", which was first published in 1993. The series tells the tale of Rembo, Roeltje, Dave and a whole lot of dubious substances.

Bijlmer Boys #4
Going Down (PDF)
The comic is mostly written in Dutch, except for part four, which bears the ominous title "Going Down". After this issue, which contained a lot of black ink, Yiri's comic production ground to a halt...

...until 2008, when the acquaintaince with comic artist/Love of His Life Margreet de Heer rekindled his original Fun in the ninth art. This eventually led to the release of the Bijlmer Boys Omnibus, closely followed by an all new fifth installment in may 2009.

Keeping busy working on other comics with Margreet, it would take another decade before Bijlmerboys #6 would see the light of day, in november 2020. People expecting the unexpected however, will hardly be amazed that #7 appeared merely a year later, in november 2021.

Experimenting a bit with clay resulted in several Bijlmer Boys miniature figures over the last couple of years.


Since november 2015, a new anti-hero by the name of Z-Man has been appearing in Stripnieuws on a regular basis. Peddler of the local homeless-newspaper, Z-Man is scripted by Margreet de Heer and is currently aimed at Dutch readers only.

Other comic-related activity

A FoolishPeople Guide
to the End of the Earth
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In 2008, Yiri and Margreet teamed up on "Judgment Day", a comic for the TERRA:EXTREMITAS project - a multimedia art event (in which they also performed) by FoolishPeople about the Apocalypse, brought about by Art coming alive to haunt reality. It was published in the book accompanying the event.

Over the first half of 2009, Yiri been keeping busy working with Margreet on several one-off projects, some occasional outdoor cartooning at conferences and seminars. Since then they did a couple of short comics for the new Pulpman-magazine (see the news-page for more on these), P@per-magazine, and Stripnieuws.

From 2010 and onward Yiri has been coloring most of Margreet's work, including her Discoveries in Comics series:

Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics
Religion: a Discovery in Comics
Science: a Discovery in Comics
World Domination: a Discovery in Comics
Liefde in Beeld (currently only in Dutch)

For a more complete and most of all, a better maintained overview of Margreet's work, see: margreetdeheer.com

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