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A short introduction to Fluxus Bucks

Initiated in 1994 by Julie Jefferies (aka Ex Posto Facto) in the U.S.A., Fluxus Bucks have left their tracks all over the world during the last decade. Named after the Fluxus-movement, Fluxus Bucks are exchanged primarily through the global network of mail-artists. Those who receive Fluxus Bucks are asked to modify them by adding whatever they feel appropriate, before passing them on.

Interesting sidenote: it wasn't until later that Jefferies discovered that a certain Robert Watts had also distributed a series of home-made dollars in Fluxkits some 22 years earlier. However, the name 'Fluxus Bucks' is generally still attributed to Jefferies.

We currently live in an age where the value of our money is no longer covered by the value of gold, and where gold has become cheaper than printer-ink. In this respect, the value of 'real' money is merely covered by trust, while 'fake' money like Fluxus Bucks have some actual material value... as long as we have to print them ourselves of course :)

Print your own money!

These thoughts, combined with the urge to try my hand at something new, inspired me to create a new series of Fluxus Bucks. To provide people with denominations that can easily be combined to create whatever value one might require, I've used the first 9 prime numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, and 23. If you add all these together, you end up with exactly 100 Fluxus Bucks.

To print: download hires-versions
Or get the wallpaper: 1280x1024px

Denaissance Current - the FoolishBuck

Inspired by the FoolishPeople I came up with this very special Fluxus-buck: the FoolishBuck was made both as a prop to be used during the performance of Dead Language at the ICA in London (october 2007), and as a way to pay tribute to John Harrigan and his magnificent troupe of deviants.

Get the wallpaper: 1280x1024px

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