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Terra: Extremitas
August 6th-10th, 2008 - Amsterdam (NL)
Terra: Extremitas
Hidden within a former shipyard, near the ruins that were once Amsterdam is the BULKHEAD. The most important place on planet Earth; the last site that remains uninfected with The FICTION... The final remaining survivors flow into the BulkHead’s safety. The place where humanity must learn to deal with the fact that its species is TERMINAL.

Immerse yourself in the immense, interconnected story manifested by FoolishPeople and over 30 visionaries and artists working together from across the world within the unique landscape of Amsterdam's NDSM-werf.

Follow living characters, absorb live transmissions from the other side of the planet, and discover the secrets, which each hold a fragment of the Terra: Extremitas myth. The surreal and beautiful experience of exploring humanity’s last day on earth.

Details @ www.foolishpeople.com
Location: NDSM-Werf (view Google-map)

A visual impression of the event itself can be found at:

Terra: Incognita gallery @ foolishpeople.com

Dead Language - FoolishPeople @ ICA
October 18th-22th, 2007 - London (UK)
Dead Language - FoolishPeople @ ICA
Dead Language was written and directed by John Harrigan and manifested at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.
Dead Language ICA gallery @ foolishpeople.com

Desecration - FoolishPeople @ Galleries of Justice
September 6th-9th, 2007 - Nottingham (UK)
Desecration - FoolishPeople @ Galleries of Justice
Desecration was written and directed by John Harrigan, and was produced at the infamously haunted Galleries of Justice, Nottingham, in association with Theatre of Ophidia.
Some media-coverage of Desecration:

2007-09-11 Spectral Light review
2007-09-08 LeftLion Nottingham Culture
A series of photographs taken with John's camera, both during rehearsals, as well some shots taken during the actual performances van Desecration, on:

Desecration gallery @ foolishpeople.com

Dead Language - FoolishPeople @ esoZone
August 10th-12th, 2007 - Portland, Oregon (USA)
Dead Language - FoolishPeople @ esoZone
At the moment a couple of the audio-recordings that Ikipr made during these days can be downloaded from his website:

[mp3] John Harrigan's Hypersigil Workshop
[mp3] Freeman interviews FoolishPeople
Several esoZone photo-galleries can be found at:

Ikipr's esoZone-photo's @ Flickr
Collected photo's by local media @ Flickr

Terra Incognita
March 31st, 2007 - London (UK)
Terra Incognita
Various photo-galleries by various people will provide you with a glimpse of Terra Incognita, a truly unique collaboration of truly remarkable people, that manifested in tangible form on the 31st of march, 2007, in the 491 Gallery in Leytonstone, London:
Some personal accounts and acknowledgements can be found at the following locations:

2007-04-18 A short reflection
2007-04-10 Mandrake Speaks Review
2007-04-07 In acknowledgement
2007-04-06 The Order and its Ways
Terra Incognita was written and directed by John Harrigan. Production Design by Lili Spain. Curated by Lili Spain, John Harrigan and Lucy Allin.

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